Discover What 10 of Africa’s Leading Experts Have To Say About How To Re-position Yourself in The Right Job, Maximize your Job and Become Financially Stress-Free

My name is Bankole Williams

I’m the CEO, LYD Consulting, Founder LYD Africa and I’m on a mission to create 100,000 jobs, as well as raise $1 million to fix unemployment in Africa.

Don’t worry… I am not here to tell you to fire your boss and go start a business… 

Neither am I here to tell you how bad 9-5 is and how your boss is using your destiny.

I am just here to tell you a BITTER-SWEET Truth….

Over 13 years ago, I was thinking, perhaps like you now. I was worried about my job and my life.

My passion for my banking role suddenly reduced. 

Each day in the bank was a big struggle for me and I wanted to do something else with my life, I wanted to be truly fulfilled and happy. 

I went to my draw-table and mentors to identify what I was really meant to be doing. 

The next day, I got back to work and wanted to inform my boss of my resignation. But I was caught with the fear of unknown.

What if I didn’t succeed in my new venture?

What if I didn’t become rich?

Finally, after getting more clarification sessions, I went into the unknown…

And since then…

I never returned with regrets…

I have lived a purposeful life and helped many people do the same…

Why Did I Tell You My Story?

Am I saying you should quit your job and do something else?, Not exactly. 

Because I have seen many people live fulfilled lives, make real money, become financially stress free… while working in their jobs. 

The difference is the clarity, habitat and strategies… 

Sadly, many people today don’t know about it… 

This is why you hear words like “Bankole, my passion is not as lucrative”

“Bankole, how can I become financially stress-free if I work a 9-5?” 

Yeah I know the regular words we hear all the time is…. “Go And Start A Business”

But… Many times, we hardly find those people telling us how to start a business or teach us the process…

You see, I have discovered that your job isn’t bad.

It could even be the REQUIRED training ground you need for your major goals, which include starting a business…

Did I tell you?

Although I left the banking industry to pursue my dream to be a Human Resource and Peak Performing Consultant, many of my clients came from the banking sector.

Now, imagine if you know the right job (training ground) for you. 

Imagine that from the outset you’ve been working in your core.

Just like a fish’s habitat is water, you’ll make ease, right? But… “Bankole, I know people working in their purpose and passion that are still broke” 

I understand you. You’re right. They are a very good number of them… And that is something to think about, isn’t it? 

I was discussing with some other experts about this, to buy them into helping you and several of all these folks (my career buddies) become financially stress-free and live happier lives

And they said YES!!!

Yes to teach the strategies they use and that works at the Career GPS Online Course

Ever gone to a new place with a GPS receiver in your car or phone? 

With the help of GPS, you really can’t get lost if you have access to a phone with internet and is GPS enabled… 

That is exactly how it will look like to you when you attend this online Course. You won’t feel lost again and would know how to arrive at the desired destination.

You’ll be taught by 10 Amazing Experts some of whom are your role models 

You May Ask How does this benefit Me?

Well, below Are the Courses You Will be Learning

Dealing With Mental Roadblocks

Best practices and ways to Dealing with limiting beliefs and Addressing the fear of unknown

Where Purpose Meets Career

Practical and Effective strategies to making the career leap

Personal Finance Management For Professional

The BEAST Mode for measuring, managing and multiplying your finances

Passion to Profit

The Business of Your Talent 101:  Monetizing your skills

The course will also cover

The Future Of Work

Repositioning and Revelance in the New Era – Post COVID-19

Marketing Your Brand

Understanding the digital economy and Creating a brand Identity online

Online Tools in the Digital Economy

Leveraging quick and easy tools for optimum results in the Digital Economy

Networking for Professionals

Networking 101:  Breaking the ice and attracting Empowering Relationship

And Finally you will be ABLE to...

made Easy

Best online marketing strategies for conversion

Roadmap To Your Ideal Life

Secrets to creating the life you’ve always desired

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