Is there a TADÉ in you?

Why Do Some Entrepreneurs or Employees Succeed And Others Fail ?

Let me tell you a TRUE Life Story of TADE who had put his idea together right from his undergraduate days and was ready to launch once he graduated. While at it however, he had difficulties wining the heart of his prospects and getting the quality of business he hoped for.
Over time his friends advised he get a job to argument his income so that the business becomes his side hustle. 
Tade goes on to apply to what he would have called his job and was happy about his new employment because some the skill he was learning were also needed for his side hustle. However, 6 months down the line TADE is frustrated with his job and considering resigning. His real problem was learning how to deal with and manage people as this often drive his emotions to the extreme especially because he works in an organisation with a lot of people.


Late that night on LinkedIn while looking for Job Offers while also preparing his resignation letter he stumbled on our LinkedIn Sponsored Advert on “Emotional Intelligence and Peak Performance”. And thought he will give it a try since, that will help him solve his aching challenge dealing with different difficult people and also winning the heart of his customers.

During the course of the training he learned that people are VAULTS and every vault has his own COMBINATIONS. Now, Alas! he realized that he has been relating with people the same way while people are different. He has learnt more about himself as an individual and how he can relate better with others for the purpose of achieving his goal and objectives.  
Tade has realised that while he is a BLUE, his boss is a YELLOW and his team members are a mixture of RED and GREEN, Now TADE is going back to work with confidence because he has now learnt about each of the personality types and how to relate with them better. More so, he also learnt how to connect better with different personalities of his customers to win their heart and get their money.
More than ever before TADE is convinced that 2020 is the year. Its 3 months now and he is thankful he did not make the mistake of resigning his job and he is grateful for the impact the course has had on both his career and business. The results are coming and he has asked his friends to take the Emotional Intelligence and peak performance course.

Are you an Employee ( LIKE TADE ) or a Business Owner that lets His/Her Emotions get in the way of doing Business and its making you lose Money and Clients? Then you have to stop NOW and ATTEND

for ₦100,000
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In this Class You will Learn Emotional Intelligence(E.I) is simply the capacity for understanding our own feelings and the feelings of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing our relationships, towards the achievement of a specific objective.

You need to Learn how to understand your emotions and the emotions of others in order to manage yourself and your relationship with others.

This and more is what we teach you in our PRACTICAL CLASS on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAINING this not only helps you build a Profitable Venture or Career, BUT helps you to connect better with people and get them to say YES to you.



our Course content Below...

   ·        Emotional Intelligence Framework (Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management)
·        The Conscious and subconscious Minds
·        Navigating Personalities – Clarity 4D approach
·        Test: DISC Personality Assessment
·        Empathy: Making Emotional Connections
·        Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
·        Dealing with Limiting Beliefs
·        Elements of Emotional Mastery
·        E.I and Communication
·        How to Master Emotions
·        How emotions impact productivity
·        The drivers of performance
·        Unlocking your Potential for Performance
·        Personal and Workplace productivity tools –Efficiency versus Effectiveness, Time Mastery.  Goal setting 

We are a firm of management consultants with a peculiar skill for assisting our clients achieve superior performance in their business. We do this by inspiring and empowering their people to achieve superlative results.

We provide Corporate Training, Consulting and Coaching interventions. Our forte is Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Culture Infusion, Personal Effectiveness & Workforce Activation with particular focus on the areas of Customer Service Delivery, Peak Performance, Life & Executive Coaching.

We are an accredited training service provider with the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN). Our management consultants are certified with certifications ranging from Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), NCFE UK Coaching, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), Fellow of the International Management Consultants Certification Board (FIMCB), Clarity4Daccreditation, Accelium game-based learning accreditation etc.

One of the things that stands us out is the ability to ignite behavioural change. Indeed, our clients have repeatedly commended our ability to achieve this outcome with their staff. Also, we believe learning should be fun and interactive, hence we adopt gamification, role plays, videos, indoor and outdoor activities, and highly engaging slide driven presentations, during our training sessions.


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Meet   Your   Facilitators

Bankole Williams is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP). He is a UK Certified Life & Career Coach and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institutes ICMCI). He is also a Fellow of the International Management Consultants Certification Board (FIMCB). He is also widely regarded as a Behavioral Change Expert. He is an emergent force to be reckoned with in the field of Management Consulting with over 10 years of experience in Human Resources and consulting fields.  He is also a recipient of the Lagos State award of Excellence in Youth & Social Development

He is the Founder & Principal consultant at LYD Consulting; a firm committed to delivering consulting interventions that lead to transformational change. Bankole Williams has designed, managed and facilitated several customer service and personal/workplace mastery training programs, He has also facilitated management and leadership retreats for several organizations. He is an expert at delivering training solutions on product lines such as Self Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching, Change management, Business Communication, Team bonding, Superior service delivery, Leadership, Selling skills, Employability, Enterprise development etc.

His facilitation skills are no doubt prolific, as he currently provides consulting interventions for across organizations which include, The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), the World Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Access bank, Diamond Bank, Skye Bank, Union Bank, Heritage bank, Stanbic IBTC, Stanbic IBTC pensions, First Bank, Fidelity bank, Oando, Konga, Google, NLNG, UTC and the Nigerian Stock Exchange to mention a few.
Christina Olusile leads the consulting team at LYD Consulting. She most recently worked at KPMG where she rose to the position of Senior Consultant and received a number of awards including the Shining Star Award and the Improving Communities Award. While at KPMG, she worked on consulting engagements for companies across industries including Consumer & Industrial Services, Energy & Natural Resources, and Financial Services.

Prior to working at KPMG, she served on the programs team of Junior Achievement Nigeria where she spent the bulk of her hours facilitating training sessions for volunteers from various professional backgrounds. Christina has designed and deployed training interventions for organizations like Stanbic  IBTC, GT Bank, First Bank, Union Bank, Google, amongst other corporates. She is an expert at designing and delivering trainings on Customer Service, Personal Mastery, Leadership, Communication& Presentation skills, Emotional Intelligence, etc.

She is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and a Fellow of the International Management Consultants Certification Board (FIMCB). She is also an Accredited Accelium Professional. Christina is a First class graduate of Economics from Babcock University and an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. She is an alumna of Lagos Business School’s Venture-In-Management Program and Young Talent Program. Christina has received extensive soft skill trainings in various topics including Communication and Business writing skills, Time Management, Critical thinking and problem solving, Personal branding, Sales & Marketing etc.

Christina is an advocate of people development on the premise that an organization’s workforce is its most valuable asset.
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The training was educative, interesting and highly impactful. I now know my personality traits, I now understand why people act the way they do based on their personality type and I now know how to interact with them to create working relationship with them.
Olubunmi Olumide- Babalola
The training was eye opening and very informative. The exercises and games were revealing. It helped me become more aware of my emotions and those of others so that I can manage my relationship better with them.
Ifeoma Ikenye
The training was very inspiring and impactful. I learnt better ways to relate and build rapport with my colleagues and supervisors
Emagbarha Samuel
Very Engaging and Informative. I now understand how to manage my emotions in the work place to increase effectiveness.
Babatunde Olaoluwa Aluko