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who are you pretending to be? Or maybe I should ask,
who are you pretending not to be?

Your mind is powerful and in our new world, we all need to harness its capacity

This is not for everybody…it is for the special ones; the ones who refuse to just be normal; the ones who know/sense they possess genius and seek deeper meaning to our new world. The law of lift does not deny the presence of gravity, it just defies it. Some laws just bow to greater laws.

In 2021, in order to thrive, we need to understand these laws that help us conquer what other people struggle in. I have spent time uncovering these laws; studying patterns of history, understanding the universal laws of neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics. The results are stunning.

Let me tell you my story. I have resisted surrendering to this for a while but you know, no matter how you try to hide, there is no crevice that God isn’t already in.

A few months back, I lost a loved one and that experience got me asking questions about Human existence. That quest got me studying the science of the operation of this universe our God created. He  opened my eyes. I woke. 

It felt like I’d been asleep all my life. Whilst, I assumed I knew a lot, this new knowledge revealed my ignorance; the very same a majority display in our world today. 

Has the last year got you asking questions about what you thought you had a grip on? Have you felt like all that is going on is because there is deeper wisdom to be uncovered to our human existence? You are not alone. The past 3 months, I have dug deep, I’ve studied – from neuroscience to cell biology to quantum physics, I finally see the connection. 

I wanted to understand the science of life; the irrefutable laws of undeniable change. I have hacked it. Alas! I have found the secret. 

I have decided to surrender to this call. I have decided to drop all for this one thing that is needful – to show people the mind hacks on how to live from inside out to produce superlative results; the sort synonymous with the genius that you are.

Which is why I am introducing

Science Of Astounding Results

where I will show you how:

-You have been getting in your way
- You can be the creator of your reality
- You can master your emotions and deal with traumas

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want a totally different life?

Imagine having these seasoned careers and personal development experts guiding you to SOAR for 6 whole days. 

Just Imagine! 

At #SOAR we help people unravel how the mind influences their money, their health and wellbeing. We also teach the practicable steps to producing astounding results in our ever changing world.


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Success stories

I have become deeply aware of the magnitude of the world within & the power of living from the inside out!… It has become easy to maintain a peaceful disposition & exude stability no matter how chaotic the environment. This is the Homeostasis @iambankole teaches so passionately. Thank you @iambankole for enriching our lives!

Vanessa Nnachi-Uche

Guys I’ve never been able to read about the condition, Trypophobia so as to get a cure because I couldn’t Google the word for fear of seeing pictures.

How do you heal from something when you can’t talk about it you can’t describe it because you’ll get a reaction. I also never thought to pray because I’ve had it since I was a kid and I thought it was part of me.

But now I’m healed. I’ve been swiping through photos of hole clusters 😄. No reaction 🤣 Thank you @iambankole please thank Coach Lanre for me.



I received the BESTEST compliments from one of my board members yesterday. I was telling him some solutions I had come up with, and he said, “you’re so calm”.

So calm talking about this. You don’t seem like you’re talking about solutions for an entire country. You’re just so peaceful talking about it. I can feel it. You’re like, “here is your solution”. Your problem isn’t that big of a deal”. You’re very confident. You’re not even bothered by their problem. Wow. Wow. Wow. I feel the power flowing from you.

This is amazing.” The next conversation led into him asking about the details for SOAR in March. 😂👍🏽 Truly, I didn’t realize I was giving off such a strong air of peacefulness. That just means the affirmation is apparently doing its job in my Life. 👌🏽





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