The Wealthy Mind Webinar

By Bankole Williams

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What people are saying

The Wealthy mind is more than a hit! It is a movement that deconstructs cultural, spiritual, experiential limiting beliefs one has developed about money overtime.

I signed up to learn about how to multiply my streams of income. Not only did I get that, I got a whole new life changing manual about the power of the mind and mastery of how to make it work for me to generate the kind of wealth that I not only desire but one that I am deserving of!

It is impossible to not leverage the insights in this course to transform your mind, your life and your wealth. I got more than my money’s worth and more than my expectation.

Asante Sana and Webale Nyo Capo!!!

Kemi Gbadamosi, Kampala Uganda

The minute I heard about the course I seized the opportunity immediately knowing it was Bankole Williams.

Before the course I was deeply in debt and always had to borrow before pay day to meet up with my financial obligations.

Now today, I earn 6 digits and I do not rely on my salary anymore. The ideas that I have implemented now give me as much as my salary does.

On my job, I moved the balance sheet size of a new branch that I moved to from N3million to N330million within 5 months. All these I have been able to achieve using all the practical principles I learned from The Wealthy Mind Course. I am grateful to Coach Banky!

 Tobi Fakayode, Ilorin

What more people are saying

Before the Wealthy Mind Course, I did not know many things about myself. I learnt a lot on the power of the mind and also vision boards. After laughing at how big the image I put on my vision board was, I chose to believe and dare to achieve it. Guess what?

Within a month of creating these pictures from the wealthy mind, my dreams became a reality. My husband and I bought a house that under normal circumstances we would never have keyed into had it not been for what I learned from the course.

I also started to boldly place value on my time with clients. Before the course, I found it difficult to charge people, however today, I get great value for the work that I do. I am truly glad I took the course and I am glad to be part of the TWM Community.

Morolayo Akpuluma, Abuja