Thank you for your interest in having Bankole Williams at your event. Please be aware of the following guidelines when sending in your invitation.

Due to Bankole Williams’s busy schedule, whenever possible, we prefer that he is able to fly (determined by location) so as to reduce possible fatigue from driving long distances. If this request cannot be fulfilled, please make a note of what travel arrangements you plan to make.

We recognise that for some events and organizations, the above request is not applicable or possible and thus, this is not a determining factor regarding which engagements Bankole Williams will accept.

Accepted invitations would be determined by their ability to facilitate a work-life balance for Bankole.

Also as one of our policies, we require that a stand be made available for his resources (Books and CDs) to be sold at your event. If there is any reservation against this, please state them in the text box provided at the end of this form.

Your invitation will be regarded accordingly and a response will be sent as soon as possible.


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