How I Get Things Done

So I have a gym instructor who recently experienced some frustration with me. I bet you’d why? Let me gist you.

I have been ‘flunking’ gym classes. Instructor: ‘Banky, so you are coming tomorrow right?’ Me: ‘Definitely’ Tomorrow: #ghostmode

The dude pushes me hard. Haba! But then again, that’s what I pay him for right?

Anyhoo, I realised I needed to stay consistent so here’s what I did on Saturday.

I credited my instructor’s friends account with a sum of money and told him that for every time I do not show up, he should credit my instructor’s account with a significant sum of money.

You shudda seen the beam on my instructor’s face at the mention of ‘alert’; I was determined to wipe that smirk off!

Guess what? In that moment I realised I’d gifted myself with a crystal ball; I could foresee my future – #Buffness.

Why? Because I wasn’t going to flunk no more (the loss of that money would cause PAIN. Lol)

So here is the reason I get stuff done – I remain accountable and when I do not meet my target, something has got to give. The fear of that PAIN keeps me consistent.

I did not come here to count bridges, I came here to leave a dent on my universe. It don’t come by consistent MISSES, it comes by consistent HITS.

So tell me, ‘How do you ensure you get stuff done?’ Are you accountable? Do you have a coach? Selah