Lagosians and Potholes

Some things are synonymous with Lagos…danfos, traffic and potholes

A couple of days back whilst speeding on Lekki Epe expressway, I saw a pothole and in an attempt to avoid it, I entered it.

This has happened to me one to many times. Ever tried to avoid a pothole hole and landed right in it? Happens all the time. Lol.

Well to avoid something, you have to do 2 things; First, you focus on it, Secondly, you avoid it.

Many never get past the first instruction. and then the undesirable ends up becoming our focus.

In many of my sessions I have heard people narrate the reanactment of what they dreaded.

Many have said ‘I do not want to be like my parents’ and landed in the same ditch they tried to avoid.

This is like telling your driver, ‘I do not want to go to Ajah’ and you expect to land in Ikoyi. If you do, fire him; he is a wizard.

Unfortunately we do not understand the mind is ‘Goal seeking’ and these kinds of instructions offer no alternative destination.

How about if you described the kind of parent you would like to be? How about you focus on what you want NOT what you do not want.

This week, rather than say ‘I do not want the kind of week I had last week or say ‘I want a better week’, accurately describe what you want and watch life land you in your desired destination.

I pray you have a week laced with good news; phone calls and emails that will leave you open mouthed; in awe of the goodness of God in your life!