How I Get Things Done

I did not come here to count bridges, I came here to leave a dent on my universe. It don’t come by consistent MISSES, it comes by consistent HITS.

Wetin ‘Consign’ Agbero with Overload

Honestly, some people’s bank accounts are experiencing an eclipse because they are OUT OF POSITION. Who is the ewa agoyin to your bread? Who is the owner of the gym for your smoothie business? 

Lagosians and Potholes

Many never get past the first instruction. and then the undesirable ends up becoming our focus.

How to Thrive in a Storm

Your DNA is wired to CREATE because your father is the CREATOR. Stop being comfortable as a consumer; always PAYING for another’s product. Who is PAYING for yours?

Trip Don’t Fall

Shut down, revert to your prayer room and address the issue; QUICKLY! Otherwise you may lose your balance and land face flat to the ground.

I am Angry

The problem is never the lack of money but the lack of insight; to see the ABUNDANCE in what you have become overly FAMILIAR with.