There Is A Lady In Gents – Help!

Last Saturday I had to facilitate a training at a bank. Somewhere in the middle of the class, nature was dialing my number. Fortunately, a staff of mine was around to continue the class. Lol.

Interestingly, I recall a time I was teaching alone & I heard nature’s ringtone & this particular caller was persistent. Lol. ‘What excuse would I give to let go’, I thought. I quickly gave them a ‘difficult’ class exercise. 🙈

Anyway, back to Saturday. When I was done with number 1 (ask google), I washed my hands & then I noticed a dress. The lady walked in briskly entered one of the units & shut the door.

I was shaken. ‘Was I in the wrong place?’ I thought. I looked back & confirmed that there were ‘urinals’ where I was & further became confused.

I investigated the icon on the door – it was the shape of a man. Out of curiosity, I asked a cleaner for the ladies. Perplexed at my question, she pointed at the gents.

‘Err…its not for me’. ‘Oh! it’s over there’ pointing to another door at the corner which had the icon of a skirt. My palpitations disappeared. I’d seen the light – it was not me, it was her.

I could not wipe the smirk away when I saw her later. I also cannot deny that I learned a few things from this lady:

1) Confidence is believable. Get it 😉
2) Confidence is not always a sign of correctness. Investigate it 🤓
3) Do not let the ‘burden’ you carry exert pressure that affects your sense of good judgement. Be patient ☺
4) Less haste & little caution helps. The absence of it has a ripple effect on others – I am still shaken 🤕

Have a fab day!

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