Wetin ‘Consign’ Agbero with Overload

Wait make I tell you!

So today, on my way out of the gym, I bought a smoothie downstairs. This particular smoothie joint had a store beside my office but for some weird reason, I noticed it shut down.

However, today they are strategically located at a small corner on your way down the stairs from the gym. 

When you are famished, after working out, you do not want to ‘cancel’ all your effort by taking fizzy drinks right? So what do you do? You grab a smoothie.

At every point, on an average, there are about 40 people doing aerobics or ‘pumping chest’😂. Let’s say they each stay for 2 hrs and the gym opens for 12hrs. Conservatively, over 240 people visit the gym daily.

Let’s say 80 people buy smoothies at N1200….(you do the maths 😁). My point is this – sometimes it is not the SIZE or PRICE of your store or product but it is the LOCATION & POSITION of your store/product.

The moon has NO LIGHT of its own but it is its POSITION relative to the sun that determines whether we see a full moon or experience an eclipse

Honestly, some people’s bank accounts are experiencing an eclipse because they are OUT OF POSITION. Who is the ewa agoyin to your bread? Who is the owner of the gym for your smoothie business? 

Stop labouring for that which is not bread. Stop allowing pride/ego stop you from acknowledging that your current position/model is not working. Sometimes count your losses and adjust.

I am still trying to figure out how to ‘work’ my subject with this post.