Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 2)

A couple of weeks back I met a charismatic black American CEO. This guy’s finesse & sense of style was 10 over 10. He looked like he walked out of a GQ magazine. Carlos was the kinda guy every guy wanted to be like. I still recall the day I met him, as he talked […]

Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 1)

So I downloaded a new app which for some weird reason rearranged the icons on my screen. This morning, whilst searching for my ‘Notes’ app, I struggled to find it. For a minute, my MUSCLE memory was rendered redundant and I had to use my BRAIN again. Smh I eventually found it and started taking […]

How I Got A Power Bike

This BICYCLE POWER(ed) by my feet (sue me 😑) is a road BIKE made for easy acceleration on smooth roads. Interestingly, because of my interest in cycling, I have been seeing cyclists everywhere – on magazines, on TV and on the road. Last Sunday, there was unusual traffic on the Lekki-Epe expressway & as I […]