How I Got A Power Bike

This BICYCLE POWER(ed) by my feet (sue me 😑) is a road BIKE made for easy acceleration on smooth roads. Interestingly, because of my interest in cycling, I have been seeing cyclists everywhere – on magazines, on TV and on the road.

Last Sunday, there was unusual traffic on the Lekki-Epe expressway & as I stretched to check the cause of the traffic, I saw a pack of road cyclists. I quickly accelerated; somehow ‘squeezing’ my way through traffic to observe how they moved. Forgive me, I am intrigued by cycling.

Interesting how they moved as one unit; rotating their pedals at the SAME pace. They had established a RHYTHM. Next thing, some guy (I suppose the lead) sped off; riding a lot faster than the pack. As I observed, I noticed his feet pedalled faster causing the wheels to CYCLE faster and ultimately moving him FURTHER.

Watching this made me understand why some people are AHEAD in life because they make more CYCLES PER TIME in life. The person (or cyclist in this case) that makes 100 rotations per minute would move further than the one who makes 50 rotations per minute.

Let me make this plain. For instance – the man who writes daily is more likely to move faster (& further) than the man who writes weekly. The man who writes weekly is more like to move faster(& further) than the man who writes monthly. Small wonder I write so well…😉 💪

The challenge is people wait for JOBS to come to get WORK done. The jobs may be SEASONAL but work is a consistent RHYTHM (so the JOBS can be a consistent RHYTHM).

The goal is to establish a RHYTHM so you have a SMOOTH journey in life. Imagine that a person’s wheels took the shape of his haphazard ‘rhythm’, how far would the bicycle go?


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