Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 1)

So I downloaded a new app which for some weird reason rearranged the icons on my screen. This morning, whilst searching for my ‘Notes’ app, I struggled to find it. For a minute, my MUSCLE memory was rendered redundant and I had to use my BRAIN again. Smh

I eventually found it and started taking notes. As I did, my MUSCLE memory kicked in again and I found something incredible (which I will share in a bit)

Interestingly, as I typed, I realised that my HANDS knew the EXACT position of each letter is typed on my phone’s keypad. Then I shut my eyes to attempt to recite the letters on my keypad and I could not go beyond the obvious ‘QWERTY’

‘How come my HEAD did not know what my HANDS knew?’, I wondered.

I could TYPE effortlessly yet I struggled to RECITE. I knew that if I unravelled this PUZZLE I could stumble on the reason people STRUGGLE.

I then realised my HANDS knew what my HEAD struggled to know because the information was registered in my HEART. In the same vein, I have watched poor people scheme (with their HEADS) to produce wealth with their HANDS, unaware of the fact that poverty is REGISTERED in their HEARTS.

This is why the poor remain poor – they KNOW poverty like their HANDS knows the position of the letters of the keypad. This MUSCLE memory for poverty exists because of the REPEATED experiences of poverty.

Until a new cycle of REPEATED experiences of wealth begins, though their HEADS desire wealth, their HANDS will produce the same result.

‘But Banky, How can a poor man start a repeated cycle of wealth?’ Ngwanu the post is getting too long. Want the answer? Want to know the concluding part of this post (the INCREDIBLE thing I found)?

Just ask for ‘more’ 👇 😊


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