Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 2)

A couple of weeks back I met a charismatic black American CEO.

This guy’s finesse & sense of style was 10 over 10. He looked like he walked out of a GQ magazine. Carlos was the kinda guy every guy wanted to be like.

I still recall the day I met him, as he talked to me in his American accent, I observed after a few seconds that I replied him in a ‘posh’ American accent.

Now I do believe this happens frequently to people but I guess this one time I literally caught myself switching UNCONSCIOUSLY.

It was not as though I’d DECIDED to switch to ‘impress’ Carlos, I just noticed I did and I wondered why.

Interestingly, as soon as the conversation was over and I was addressing the Nigerian at the lobby, I was back again to my REGULAR accent.

Apparently, this desirable CHANGE was NOT SUSTAINED. But one undeniable fact was I CHANGED without even DECIDING to.

It then occurred to me that most (maybe not all) Nigerian folks who live abroad did not even CONSCIOUSLY decide to speak like Americans but end up sounding like them & that CHANGE IS SUSTAINED

The difference was that my ASSOCIATION was MOMENTARY and theirs was REPEATED.

Invariably, without much effort on anyone’s part, they are INFLUENCED by ASSOCIATION and this CHANGE is SUSTAINED by REPETITION.

This is one of the secrets to wealth because TWO POOR PEOPLE CAN NEVER HELP THEMSELVES.

Your RESISTANCE to a new belief BREAKS by REPEATED ASSOCIATION with that new belief. Pretty much like how America’s resistance to a black president broke by REPEATED ASSOCIATION with a series called 24.

Remember 24 had a charismatic black president?(yeah…my conspiracy theory…sue me 😑)

Your net worth is a reflection of your network. If ALL your friends are like you, you need new friends that are CURRENTLY producing the RESULTS you desire.

The poor remain poor because they huddle with the poor.

– Bankole

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