About a year ago, I watched the video of Beyonce’s Performance at the United Nations World Humanitarian Day and I was so stirred up that I had to type this message . It’s a track on her album titled “I was here”. The title ‘I was Here’ initially reminded me of the ‘good old’ days in secondary school – A student would risk his life, climb to the top of the school tank just so he could sign his name on it – ‘Banky was here’. Leaving a memorabilia for the coming generations.

This more often than not was done by a notorious student(not to worry, I wasn’t one…) who had left an unforgettable impact on other students earning him a bad reputation.

The thought behind this act of signing was that the signature would affirm whatever reputation had been passed on to the successive generation of students who weren’t there to witness him exhibit his ‘talent’, lol.

When I heard Beyonce’s song, I knew this was her leaving her signature on a tank(sorry track). However, in this instance, she was affirming to us and generations to come that she’d had a great impact on her world (unlike my notorious friends). This got me thinking because as young (34 years) as she is, she can confidently drop her mic knowing that she has left an ‘indelible’, unforgettable mark on the earth and guess what? No one can contest this! You may contest some of her lyrics but you cannot contest the fact that She’s left her DENT in the UNIVERSE. “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”- Steve Jobs

Great people are never late; dead yet they are always relevant “I will leave my MARK, so EVERYONE would know I WAS HERE” – @beyonce

When you leave the earth, will EVERYONE know YOU WERE HERE?
Go DENT your UNIVERSE today! ‎

Bankole Williams

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