Having A Baby Is A Good Idea

Having a baby is like carrying a good idea in the womb of the mind right? *ducks for cover*.

Stay with me…biko 😚

In 2011, I attended a conference at the Teslim Balogun stadium. On stage were Uche Pedro of Bellanaija, Ik Osakioduwa & Audu Maikori These people had blazed the trail and done remarkable work in their industries.

As I sat there, I had mixed feelings of excitement & a little discomfort. Post the event, my heart kept tugging at me.

You know the story of Mary & Elizabeth; Elizabeth’s baby leaping at the presence of another baby? Yes! That was me.

The interesting thing about a baby leaping is that act doubtlessly caused Elizabeth some discomfort in her womb (at least until the baby was born)

I had conceived an idea which I had refused to give life & everywhere I turned there were indicators causing this ‘baby’ to leap.

The baby had me…had me restless till I agreed to set up Live Your Dreams Africa.

Do not ever play with moments when you see someone doing something & there is a strong feeling of excitement associated with what that person did. Especially when posting the event, there is the associated burden to do same.

Game recognises Game…unconsciously. Your heart often intuitively knows what your mind is playing catch up on. So pay attention.

Fast forward to 2014, it was the 2nd edition of LYDA, I had on stage Audu Maikori, IK Osakioduwa & Chude Jideonwo (who I did not even know spoke at the same conference in 2011)

I had unconsciously attracted them & honestly it was not a conscious decision to invite the same people. I only realised it a year later when I stumbled on a website that had that same event.

The event in 2011 was an AWAKENING and I would love you to experience same. On May 19, 2018, it would be the 6th edition of LYDA and once again we’d be having an amazing line-up of speakers.

Have you registered? If not go to www.lyda6.eventbrite.com (link in bio)


Like something was awakened in me in 2011, at this year’s event seemingly dead yet viable dreams, ideas, desires and hopes will be awakened.

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