How The Journey Began

I knew I wanted to speak from my third year when I met @feladurotoye .But hey…in Nigeria you go to school, study any course and then graduate to get any job (e.g you can study yoruba and end up in a bank lol). So I hopped on the first train that came my way…a bank

Whilst in training school, I’d scanned through the different departments & the closest to my dream was HR. I thought ‘I may not be in the right position (consulting) but I can be in the right LOCATION (HR). You may not be at the right address but ‘sha’ be in the neighbourhood. 😉

So one day, the Head of HR came to announce the vacancies in the bank & then she said ‘one guy would end up in HR’. I shouted ‘YOU SAY WHAT?’. Heads turned at me like ‘Dude do you have your ears plugged?’ . Thankfully, she repeated herself.

When she finished reiterating, I looked at her intently, smiled confidently & nodded my head appropriately. Little did I know – that made an IMPRESSION. She left there asking – ‘who is that guy?’ After 3 months, I ended up being NEO 😎 (The chosen one 😂)

Life would always present us with tiny POCKETS of opportunities. Everyday an opportunity is either walking your way or passing you by. The outcome is a function of this question is – Would you RECOGNISE it & RESPOND to it quickly.

Today, make sure someone asks – ‘Who is that guy/lady?’