Why Some People Struggle

A few years back I had a session and right there a gentleman had his epiphany; discovering what really was the ROOT cause of the problem. It was as though the scales had finally fallen off his eyes as he narrated his reason for his interjection in the session.

He lost his dad some years back. Apparently, his dad had worked tirelessly all his life to build the administrative team for his employer’s company. He barely saw his dad because half the time, he was working.

Then one day, they received a call that his dad slipped & fell. Upon getting to the hospital he was unconscious & unfortunately, he died the following day. Now here is where it gets worse…brace yourself.

His dad’s boss requested that his dad’s official car was taken away from his family the night of his dad’s death. How insensitive! THIS singular act became a DEFINING MOMENT for this young lad. He UNKNOWINGLY had attached negative connotations to working for anyone.

Fast-forward to the day this gentleman had his epiphany; he JUST realized why he detested the thought of working for anyone regardless of whatever benefits came with it.

He’d always vehemently refused working for (even understudying) a structured business; where he could learn the ethics required for owing and honing his craft. He did his own business and struggled for a while with his limited knowledge.


There apparently was an UNCONSCIOUS decision to stay away from what was BLESSING by virtue of a bad experience until his epiphany. What happened to his Dad was WRONG but the pain led to a WRONG choices.

Thankfully today, he’s overcome this belief and is doing well in his business. The reason people struggle is because of the state of their MINDS. We will be addressing deep issues like this at the THE WEALTHY MIND. Showing people how they have been getting in their own way of success and leading them out!

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What do you think about this man’s story?

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