A few years ago, I was such a mess; a shadow of the person you know today. I’d done several businesses & failed yet I had the ‘filter’ of one who had it all together.

My friend @iamsteveharris & I had invested all our profit in 1year (N6million) in a farm & lost it all. I bought a 20 tonne haulage truck & in 6 months made nothing. I’d paid for land (2 units) & the seller eloped. I invested in projects, perhaps the projects were investing in me; making profit off me.

I recall back then, I’d go for pitches, get to the final stage, sign documents, testify in anticipation of a major break yet I’d get no call to commence; the typical almost syndrome; get so close yet so far. My life was a ‘hit’ back to back; from one collosal blow to another!

I got to my wits end so I went on a quest for answers. My question was simple ‘Why is hard work rewarded with lack’. This question seemed counter intuitive but many of you reading this know exactly what this feels like.

I studied, attended courses & discovered the key; the key to all forms of success & today my life is now a hit – I get selected without going for pitches, I get random calls daily for work; I even turn down some because of how fully packed my calendar is.

Though I get tonnes of dms asking for opportunities to sit & learn under me, for going to 3 years, I have not organized open trainings or online courses because I’ve been mastering my solution (I was only available to my corporates clients).

Guys, I have kept this secret for years & in January after recording another massive victory; I knew it was time to share my heart with the world; to show you how I got from zero to millions; from patterns of failure to back to back successes.

This is my life’s work, worth millions yet today you get it for FREE (just this ONE time) in my very FIRST webinar called ‘THE WEALTHY MIND (TWM)’. .

If my story resonates with you, go to bit.ly/TWMWebinar (link in my bio) to register. Also you can save someone’s life by sharing. Experience is the best teacher but it does not have to be yours; you can learn from mine.

Join me as I launch the TWM Webinar!

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