The Arrogance of Shyness

What you imagine as a giant in reality is an ant. So approach it and you will discover that what you fear would retreat it starts to shrink.

I used to be a shy kid until I realised that that shyness and arrogance may very well be 2 sides of the same coin. We believe arrogance is being FULL of oneSELF. Well so also is shyness. Breathe…let me explain.

The average shy person is so caught up in themSELVES; the primary reason for not making the move towards others is really about how they FEEL about themSELVES and how they THINK others would FEEL about them.

Shyness is really all about yourSELF & not about the other person. It is SELFish. It is borne out of FEAR; the natural instinct for SELF preservation; playing it safe so nothing happens to your SELF image. . .
Whilst ARROGANCE is LOUD, SHYNESS is SUBTLE. But at the core of both expressions is SELF. At the heart of SHYNESS is FEAR and at the heart of FEAR is SELF (preservation).

On the contrary, LOVE is SELFLESS; love is the energy that EXPANDS; it REACHES OUT whilst FEAR is the energy that CONTRACTS; it RESTRICTS you from reaching out.

What you IMAGINE as a GIANT in REALITY is an ANT. So APPROACH IT and you will discover that what you fear would RETREAT; it starts to SHRINK.

Darkness is a myth; it does not exist – it is merely the ABSENCE of LIGHT. So don’t fight it; just introduce LIGHT hence – Perfect LOVE casts out ALL FEAR. Allow that selfless energy that reaches out flow through you today! .

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