Over a year ago, a production team had come to my office to record. I’d forgotten it was supposed to be that day so I quickly had to internalise my lines so as not to embarrass my ancestors 🙈😂

While I was taking in my lines, the photographer took a picture (swipe left). I thought it was a nice picture so I put it up on Instagram. Little did I know this was a certain lady’s moment

@kemi.ogunkoya saw this picture and instantly interpreted it with 100% accuracy. She sent me a dm with a link showing me how to use a teleprompter so I’d not struggle with internalizing my lines. She also sent a recording of herself speaking so eloquently at a camera, perhaps…she was reading. Lol

The minute I saw her dm, I was shocked because she saw a PROBLEM and offered a SOLUTION. Interestingly, Kemi had desired mentorship from me and she felt this was her moment…NOT to ask for mentorship but to OFFER service.

Interestingly, I mentor her today but I honestly do not recall her asking for me to 🤔 .

So here is how NOT to get a mentor – By asking them to mentor you. It is more than likely that you are one out of the numerous people seeking mentorship from that person. You would be lost in the crowd. You cannot be COMMON and expect to STANDOUT.

Your ‘prospective’ mentor has what they are focused on and the way to get their attention is to be in their line of sight. You do this by FOCUSING ON THEIR FOCUS; by helping them achieve their objectives, meet a need, solve a problem, by serving, volunteering etc.

When you seek a mentor, you are likely to be a DISTRACTION if giving you ATTENTION side-tracks the mentor from his/her goals. You are an ATTRACTION if giving you ATTENTION takes them to their goals.