Trip Don’t Fall

So yesterday, I tripped whilst running up the stairs. Quickly, I regained my balance; avoiding what would have been a disastrous fall; the sort that would have led to a visit to the dentist for dentures 😂

Guess what? I realized I tripped but I DID NOT FALL. It also occured to me that whilst going up the stairs, I have tripped or observed people trip many times yet it did not end in fall. A few times it did but majority of time, it didn’t.

This is exactly how life should be – you may stumble but it does not have to end in a fall. Most people encounter opposition and assume it is a cue to fall flat on the floor. .

No! It is a cue for your reflex – defence mechanism to kick in and protect you. Observe that your reflexes need to act FAST to protect you. Same way, when you observe a set back, it should be addressed IMMEDIATELY; no time for dilly dallying or throwing a pity party. .

Shut down, revert to your prayer room and address the issue; QUICKLY! Otherwise you may lose your balance and land face flat to the ground. 

To stumble and ALWAYS fall is an ANOMALY. Take charge.