I was part of the protocol team of my former church. We had a special unit called ‘Greeters’ dedicated to making church members feel welcome as they came into church.

We were supposed to smile (and be in our best behaviour) to create a great impression on  people as they made their way into church. This was such a brilliant initiative but back then, my ‘myopic’ mind considered it a burden. Before you pick stones…breathe…let me tell you WHY.

I hated standing. Gosh! Standing for 2 HOURS under the hot SUNday SUN. After I would have mustered the widest grin 😊 on my face then one congregant would return my greeting with a funny stare like ‘what is even making this one happy’. Urgggh.😭

I’d concluded that standing for long hours was not my calling but I now realise this is not the case. WHY? Well I’ve been standing (from 8am to 5pm) for the past 2 days doing what love doing – speaking. Today would make it the 3rd day and I am so looking forward to standing. In fact ‘I love standing’ 😁🙈

You see ‘WHY you do what you do is more important than WHAT you do’. The issue wasn’t really standing. The issue was at the time,  I did not SEEK to FIND a compelling ‘WHY’. .

This by far is one of the most important questions to ask in life. Why? Why do you do that business? Why do you work in that bank? Why have you not turned on notifications for my posts 😋😋 Infact, why am I even asking you why? Why why? 😋🤔

A compelling REASON for doing what you do makes the journey easier and the load lighter. Infact it can even collapse time (afterall a certain man worked a total of 14 YEARS for a beautiful woman yet it seemed like a few days to him)

What is your WHY? SEEK to FIND one. What you SEEK is what you SEE. If you seek one you will find one.