So there’s this popular myth “Cut your coat according to your size”. In fact some people even go as far as “Cutting their sizes according to their coats”, lol.

This ‘principle’ suggests that you should reduce the size of your dream to the size of your pocket. Holdup…Can I ask a silly question? Is it possible that the size of your pocket can increase to fit the size of your dream?

Subconsciously, a lot of people tend to check their accounts and then they know whether or not it’s okay to desire to own something.

Now this isn’t me approving carefree spending. No! It’s an attempt to challenge a faulty status quo which has the capacity to relegate your desire for more to the background.

Mark 11:24 – “WHATEVER things you DESIRE when you pray…”

Err…it doesn’t say whatever you can AFFORD because if you can afford it, you might as well go Pay and not Pray for it.

It also says “WHATEVER” and in Plain english – You’ve got a blank cheque right there! Only those who DESIRE qualify themselves to fill it.

A lot of people disqualify themselves from certain lifestyles because they are well aware of the size of their wallets. Guess what? You don’t pay to DESIRE or DREAM.

Do not reduce the size of your DESIRE because of a dearth consciousness. Desire a better life today! Take it to God in prayer, move in the direction of what you want and watch as the resources come!

I dare you to go find out the cost of that thing you think you can’t afford! Some who have it today were once like you but they DESIRED it and dared to ASK.

Dream…it doesn’t cost a thing!

The Life Coach
Bankole Williams

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