Excerpt from Cupcakes for Your Soul

Day 29 – Snickerdoodle #HardKnocks 1) What PRICE-TAG can we place on any HUMAN? 2) No amount of material possession can PURCHASE a SOUL- what does it PROFIT you to GAIN the WORLD yet LOSE a SOUL? 3) IDLENESS never REVEALS the TRUE WORTH of a RESOURCE (natural or human), however DEPLOYMENT does! 4) David’s […]


Yesterday, I was driving on Bar Beach Road and I looked to the left and saw at least 5 gigantic cranes in action. So much construction going on at the Eko Atlantic city! Do you remember the ocean surge a few years ago. A seeming threat it was back then and many considered it a […]

How a kid meets KINGS

THIS made me humble… ‎ So a couple days back I facilitated a training for a bank. As we were doing the introductions, someone walked in and I almost dropped the wireless controller for the projector. He was a man I greatly respected (and still do) ; I felt ‘unworthy’ to tie his shoe laces, […]

Where Did All My Money Go? #WDAMMG

SpeakerKings is back again!   This time we are talking about you and your financial goals in our next teleseminar tagged “Where did all my money go?” Have you struggled with managing and multiplying your finances? Do you need help? Then register for this month’s edition of #Speakerkings with Bankole Williams, Jimi Tewe and Steve […]

Revealed: How to make 2015 your best year ever

If you feel upset that the year is almost gone, and you are not yet where you want to be yet? You know what to do but you don’t know how to do it. It just seems like there is no way out. At the beginning of the year, you were so optimistic that 2015 […]


FINALLY IT’S HERE!!! LIVEYOURDREAMSAFRICA 2015 Life is all about REFERENCES! References are people who have gone ahead of us and successfully navigated their way through SIMILAR pathways/fields that we desire to venture into. The more REFERENCES, you have, the more BOLDNESS & KNOWLEDGE you have to ACHIEVE your DREAMS. LiveYourDreamsAfrica 2015 provides a platform for you […]


  I have seen many people toss away brilliant ideas and relegate creativity to the background all because of a refusal. Guys, we live in a tough world –  a world that called Oprah UNFIT FOR TV. A world that FIRED Steve Jobs from the Company he started. A world that called Albert Einstein a DULLARD. […]

Do you want HAPPINESS or JOY?

Here you go!Do you know that NO ONE has the capacity to TAKE your JOY? However, you have the capacity to GIVE it!Joy is a powerful ingredient for success and you have the capacity to connect to it ALWAYS.Happiness is CONDITIONAL, it is premised on the presence of material possession or good deeds. Joy on […]

Hypnotised By Your Thoughts?

Ever met someone who’s so engrossed in his thoughts that he even walks past you without realizing he just did?A number of times we get caught up in our thoughts and miss out on the beauties and the opportunities of life. The answer to your worry does NOT lie in your MEDITATION on the PROBLEM within […]


So there’s this popular myth “Cut your coat according to your size”. In fact some people even go as far as “Cutting their sizes according to their coats”, lol.This ‘principle’ suggests that you should reduce the size of your dream to the size of your pocket. Holdup…Can I ask a silly question? Is it possible […]