Hypnotised By Your Thoughts?

Ever met someone who’s so engrossed in his thoughts that he even walks past you without realizing he just did?

A number of times we get caught up in our thoughts and miss out on the beauties and the opportunities of life. 

The answer to your worry does NOT lie in your MEDITATION on the PROBLEM within you. It often lies in the OBSERVATION of your ENVIRONMENT and the SOLUTION it provides. 

Your FOCUS on the problem within creates blindness to the solutions without.

PROV 1:20 – Wisdom calls aloud OUTSIDE; She raises her voice on the street.”

 This means the answers to your worries are crying out to you from your environment and if you are not alert (in a state of awareness) you will MISS OUT. 

Opportunities always come DISGUISED and if you  remain HYPNOTISED by your THOUGHTS, you’d not RECOGNISE it when it CALLS. 

Stop living in yesterday, it’s gone! Stop living in tomorrow, it hasn’t come. Dream of tomorrow but Live in today! 

Notice as much as you can- the detailing of a fabric, the scent of the flowers, the voice of wisdom trying to get your attention. As you do this, light bulbs will come on, Eureka moments will occur! 

Matt 6:34- Tomorrow(not you) will take care of itself. 

So let tomorrow do the worrying. #Period

The Life Coach
Bankole Williams                                                                                                                       @iambankole

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