I have seen many people toss away brilliant ideas and relegate creativity to the background all because of a refusal. Guys, we live in a tough world –  a world that called Oprah UNFIT FOR TV. A world that FIRED Steve Jobs from the Company he started. A world that called Albert Einstein a DULLARD. A world that told the Wright brothers MEN WERE NOT CREATED TO FLY. A world that refused Colonel Sanders’ (KFC) chicken recipe; telling him NO 1009 TIMES at age 65!

Read the handwriting on the wall – History is always repeating itself; People will always be told NO. But what makes them GREAT is the decision to tell themselves YES when everyone else says NO. Though they live in a TOUGH world they decided to be TOUGHER!

There’s NOTHING wrong in being told NO but there’s EVERYTHING wrong in ACCEPTING it as FINAL. SEVERAL NOS make PRECURSORS for YES! 

Before you seek the APPROVAL of men this 2015, ask yourself these questions;
1) Do I have a GREAT idea? 
 2)Does God say YES to it? 

If your answer is YES then make this your DECISION and daily DECLARATION – “Regardless of many REFUSALS, I will not RELENT but push till I get APPROVAL” .  That spirit of RELENTLESSNESS makes all the DIFFERENCE! 

The best sales people will make the NEXT sales call regardless of the outcome of the previous sales calls! #Period 

I will like to wish you all an amazing 2015.

The Life Coach
Bankole Williams

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