Do you want HAPPINESS or JOY?

Here you go!

Do you know that NO ONE has the capacity to TAKE your JOY? However, you have the capacity to GIVE it!

Joy is a powerful ingredient for success and you have the capacity to connect to it ALWAYS.

Happiness is CONDITIONAL, it is premised on the presence of material possession or good deeds. Joy on the other hand is eternal and it’s gotten from the source of life!

Do you know you have the capacity to SCREAM and make a Joyful Noise right NOW?

The challenge is we think we require a good REASON to do so otherwise we’ll be seen as INSANE!

Invariably we become REACTIVE beings where Life plays “the LEAD”, we play “the FOLLOWER”.

In a bid to protect our ‘pristine’ reputations we relegate our personal power to exude our strength in Rejoicing!

The singular act of rejoicing changes your STATE! In the RIGHT state we SEE possibilities, in the WRONG state we SEE problems.

The sense in this “logic” of rejoicing is that we REJOICE because of where we are going TO and not what we are going THROUGH! (Here you go – a ‘good reason’ LOL)

Enter a room, lock the door behind you, look at your present circumstance, regardless of how it makes you feel, SCREAM!

Guess what? You’ve just taken the Driver’s SEAT! *wink*

I dare you to choose JOY! Regardless.

The Life Coach
Bankole Williams

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