For Everyone who hates his/her current job

Did you know that 80% of deaths caused by heart attacks occur between 8am and 9am on Monday mornings.

In fact from my study of workforce psychology I found out that the palpitations start from Sunday night

(I can imagine you nodding in agreement right now).

Subconsciously, your body starts reacting

(running a default program) as soon as it recognizes

the weekend is over and work is about to begin. All of a

sudden, a bad (negative) feeling comes upon you and

affects the way your body functions. Your body temperature

begins to rise and you start to feel uneasy and restless.

Your body appears not to function optimally and over time, it is trained not to like what you do.

How can you possibly go to work and give your best in this strung-out state?

Beliefs can be so strong that they can affect your body physiology. From my study as a life

coach, I came across an article by Bernie Siegel, a Professor at

Yale where he explained his discovery of how powerful

beliefs can be in his study of schizophrenic patients. He

mentioned that the potency of the schizophrenic patients’

belief that they had become a different person sent an

unquestionable command to their nervous system which

caused significant changes in their biochemistry and body

metabolism. Their bodies literally transformed before the

researchers in the twinkle of an eye. The colour of their

eyes changed as their personalities changed. Physical markings

on their bodies disappeared and reappeared; even diseases

such as diabetes and high blood pressure would come and go

according to which personality they believed they were

truly manifesting.

Beliefs are like table tops the more legs(support) you give to them the firmer they become.

The more references you give to a negative belief the more it limits your progress.

Limiting beliefs can be so disempowering

that it causes the employee to run a default program which

takes effect without the individual’s permission.

Little wonder the physiology of employees change on Sunday


Have you ever felt bad (like the employee

described above) and wondered why you were feeling bad?

Have you ever heard a song play in your head and

wondered who granted it access into your mind?

Well, I have an explanation and a perfect

solution to this state of employee apathy….

….excerpts from my book, “Engaged to a job I hate”

Definitely a must read for every Employee and Employer

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