#LiveYourDreams – Beautiful nightmare


Err…ask Beyonce

Ever had this pulsating experience when the tip of the Freddy Krueger’s razor thin knife drips with scarlet stains and pokes your skin as you acknowledge ‘this must be the END’ and then…

…A scream breaks through the scene and you wake up to realize its not real, it was just a dream! Phew “what a nightmare” as u wipe the sweat of your brows!

Ok, back to earth! I believe a NIGHTMARE is what u see in the PRESENT when ur eyes are closed which u DO NOT WANT to see in the FUTURE when they are open

A sweet DREAM is what u see in d PRESENT when ur eyes r closed which u WANT to see happen in the FUTURE when they are open

A sweet dream or a nightmare, either way, you’ve got to WAKE UP! (Sorry again beyonce..lol)

Your life can be the actualization of a sweet dream or a nightmare. You are the architect of your destiny and its up to U to decide!

I’m starting a weekly series I call #LiveYourDreams and if u want to know how to do this, please join me on this Journey towards GREATNESS

8.53am July 26, 2013

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