Is Jesus the Answer? . . or . . Is He the Question (er)?

The problem is that we answer other people's questions and because the answers were generated by us, these people do not take ownership and do not execute.

From the all the books of the bible, he asked about 307 questions, he ANSWERED only 3 when he was asked 183 questions. Surprising, isn’t it?In Jesus’ lifetime, it is recorded that he typically did NOT give ANSWERS. He asked QUESTIONS that LED people on a QUEST to find ANSWERS.

The problem is that we ANSWER other people’s questions and because the answers were generated by us, these people do not take OWNERSHIP and do not EXECUTE.

Whenever he was asked a QUESTION, he either ANSWERED with a QUESTION or told a PARABLE and then asked the the SAME QUESTION. .

This always brought about personal REALIZATION; the precursor for personal TRANSFORMATION

Are we really helping people by providing answers or encouraging mental laziness? Afterall, they still end up doing what they WANT to do until they come to their moments of REALIZATION (facilitated by asking QUESTIONS).

When would you start moving from dishing out INSTRUCTIONS to ELICITATION? When would you start asking QUESTIONS?

May I ask you which of the statements below makes you want to take ACTION?

Shut the door OR Would you be gracious enough to shut the door? The first or the latter? .

Do you know that this technique in 21st century parlance is called COACHING. Could it be Jesus was actually a Life Coach? 🤔

By the way, did you realize that there are 13 QUESTIONS in this post? You didn’t realize, did you?

Hope you added the last 3?


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