How a kid meets KINGS

THIS made me humble…

So a couple days back I facilitated a training for a bank. As we were doing the introductions, someone walked in and I almost dropped the wireless controller for the projector.

He was a man I greatly respected (and still do) ; I felt ‘unworthy’ to tie his shoe laces, let alone have him seated in my class as a participant.

Now, I need you to picture this- someone who was 7 levels above me when I started my career in my previous employment! Well, it was a training for the executive mgt of the bank but for me, it was a confirmation of how far God had brought me.

In that class were 3 people I knew very well, who at different points in my life were miles ahead of me yet I was teaching them for 2 days. THIS would never have happened if I didn’t chase my dream.

SEE a man DILIGENT in HIS ways, HE will stand before KINGS. I have met DILIGENT men that are NOT SEEN and SEEN men that are NOT DILIGENT. It’s a fine mix of DILIGENCE  and VISIBILITY in ‘your’ way that guarantees access to kings.

3 learning points;

1) Find your GIFT; what you are created/wired for 2) Never let a day go by without honing this GIFT
3) Serve your GIFT to the world.

The GREATEST are the ones who SERVE (they serve their GIFTS to the world- cc: Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey,  Usain Bolt and…we await you)


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