How to Thrive in a Storm

My resignation from banking came as a rude shock to alot of people particularly because I left when the 1st wave of recession kicked in. Bankers were being laid off, this guy laid himself off!๐Ÿ˜‚

I left to earn less than half of my salary at the time. I was not deluded by passion. I was aware of the implication of my decision so some simple adjustments had to happen – I had to i) drop my standard of living ii) Up my income (somehow). QED.

I needed a side hussle; particularly one that could easily convert to CASH. ‘Why match SHORT TERM bills with LONG TERM income?’, so I thought. I particular loved polo by Ralph shirts so, I started selling them. I also had free time so I wrote a book!

I also ensured I was not using my employer’s time/resources for my hussle. This was my cushion. It was temporary; at least until my passion could earn me more.

I share this because I have observed alot of employees get up & leave good paying jobs all in the name of passion (with no viable plan). Get me right, I am an advocate of living your dreams (Africa๐Ÿ˜Š); YES! Take the dive BUT carry a parachute till you learn to fly.

Your bills are no ‘respecter’ of your passion! They are SHORT TERM; they come daily, weekly, monthly. When they come, if your passion cannot answer, it can lead to frustration. .

So you better get off your high horse, humble yourself, develop a product & be proud of your hustle. HUMILITY is key because I recall my former colleagues telling me ‘So you’ve turned from banker to shirt seller’. Well look who’s smiling now ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Too many people get too comfortable earning a salary & do not want to create products. Your DNA is wired to CREATE because your father is the CREATOR. Stop being comfortable as a consumer; always PAYING for another’s product. Who is PAYING for yours?

God’s FIRST instruction to man – Be FRUITFUL. In 21st century parlance – Be PRODUCTive (Gerrit? ๐Ÿ˜‘). Yeah, not everyone is cut out for business, I understand. I hope your bills understand too. .

Fishes drown in toxic water if they don’t adapt.