PoliceMen with no Uniforms
In a convoy – cars blaring horns

Bus Drivers in steep competition
Formula-1 drivers in the wrong profession

Where every popular spot was a bus stop,
Pako, Ilepo, Mosholashi, Church

At bus stops, buses never really stopped
They slowed down whilst passengers jumped off

Conductors with their husky voices
Influencing passengers’ choices

Customary slaps donated by agberos,
To conductors- now they are stuck in limbo

Every crowd looked like a mob
Where pick pocketing was a full time job

Zebra crossing lines were mere decorations
We flouted traffic rules and regulations

No “yellow fever” on the scene
This meant all traffic lights were green

There was always a rush, men on a mission
Head on Collisions at various intersections

There were no street signs
So to find a place was definitely divine

Lots of glitches on the roads
Gallops, bumps, ditches we called potholes

It was strange to see streetlights on
If you ever did, it was an illusion

When people ran in the opposite direction
Instantly you’d join in and ask no questions

You could ‘buy rite’ on the pedestrian bridge
‘Shop rite’ in traffic! That was Lasgidi

Smoke everywhere polluting the air
Perfect antidote to any perfume you’d wear

Okada riders sped past like flies
These men had signed pacts with suicide

Agege Motor way was a traffic gridlock
Now driving through’s a breeze; quickest route to the Airport

Oshodi was ‘dark’, it was littered with shacks
Now its serene, its now a green park

Truly Lagos has experienced lots of changes
Street lights, street signs, roads with good drainages

Cabs with ACs, Fashola buses – BRTs
All hail the city called Las-Gidi

BRF we hail thee

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