1) GRACE is when GOD WILLINGLY does GOOD things in YOUR favour yet gives YOU the CREDIT for what HE did #Goodwill

2) GOODWILL is when PEOPLE WILLINGLY do GOOD things in YOUR favour yet give YOU the CREDIT for what THEY did #Goodwill


4) Goodwill is EARNED by consistent ACTS of KINDNESS to people REGARDLESS of their POSITIONS in Life #Goodwill

5) So in simple terms, What really is GOODWILL? – It is the WILLINGNESS of People to do GOOD to you #Goodwill

6) How WILLING are people to do GOOD to you? What is the measure of your #Goodwill

7) GOODWILL isn’t gotten from helping others &expecting them to do the same, its just HELPING OTHERS – those who CAN or CANNOT do the same #Goodwill

8) You reap WHAT you sow not WHERE you sow, so STOP doing GOOD expecting the recipient of your deeds to do the same #Goodwill

9) A GOOD name is BETTER than riches; meaning a GOOD name can get you MORE than what wealth can #Goodwill

10) A GOOD NAME can BUY RICHES but Riches cannot buy a GOOD NAME #Goodwill

11) When People are willing choose to do things for YOU for FREE and yet charge OTHERS a FEE, you have got #Goodwill

12) When People WILLINGLY decide to do things for YOU for FREE yet FEEL indebted to YOU, you have got #Goodwill

13) GOODWILL is like a BANK ACCOUNT, you can DEPOSIT into it or WITHDRAW from it #Goodwill

14) Every GOOD deed to a PERSON is a CREDIT into an EMOTIONAL Bank ACCOUNT with THAT PERSON #Goodwill

15) Everytime you IMPACT someone’s life, you are DEPOSITING in your EMOTIONAL Bank ACCOUNT with THAT PERSON #Goodwill

16) When someone appreciates you for AFFECTING their lives, they are just CONFIRMING that you’ve CREDITED your emotional ACCOUNT with them #Goodwill

17) When you have a NEED – you present a CHEQUE, will it BOUNCE because of INSUFFICIENT DEPOSITS in that EMOTIONAL bank ACCOUNT? #Goodwill

18) How FAT are your emotional DEPOSITS in people’s lives? Are you a MILLIONAIRE or are you in RED? #Goodwill

19) Some are RICH in MONEY, Others RICH in EMOTIONAL DEPOSITS called GOODWILL. Who really is WEALTHY? #Goodwill

20) Saving up for the rainy day is NOT just making TANGIBLE INVESTMENTS for the future, its making INVESTMENT in INTANGIBLES called #Goodwill

21) When you say JUMP, do people IGNORE or do they say HOW HIGH? #Goodwill

22) When you are in NEED, who is willing to stake his life on the Line to ensure you get your SUPPLY #Goodwill

23) David’s men went to the enemy’s camp, killed people to fetch him a glass of water which he didn’t request for but just desired #Goodwill

24) Life so DYNAMIC the person you HELP today can be your EMPLOYER tomorrow #Goodwill

25) The PRISONER today can be the PRIME MINISTER tomorrow so help the prisoner today, you just never know who he’ll become tomorrow #Goodwill

26) Everytime someone says THANK YOU, they are REWARDING you with the ABILITY to INFLUENCE them for GOOD #Goodwill

27) What GOOD deed have you done TODAY that has CAUSED someone to say THANK YOU to YOU #Goodwill

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