#LiveYourDreams – Does God Have A Plasma


#LiveYourDreams with Bankole Williams

As a kid I was told that God has this super large plasma that would replay my wrong deeds on earth!Lol! Relax&Read 1Cor13:5

Don’t know about the plasma but I know one day, we will RE-PORT to our creator to submit our REPORT CARDS. We will give ACCOUNT of our LIVES

So let’s PORT to the FUTURE for a bit, what really is this ACCOUNT?

Is it what we did, which we shouldn’t have done? OR Is it what we should have done, which we didn’t do?…Rhetorical

Back to Earth, let’s demystify this word – LIFE. What really is this Life which we will account for?

It is the period of TIME which we spend on this earth!
It is the accumulation of years, months,weeks, days, hours, seconds!

What are you doing this SECOND?(Reading this bc ofcourse, lol!)

But the real question in time is – Are you PRESENTLY LIVING an ACCOUNT of SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE?


7.13am, July 28, 2013

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