The human mind has over 60,000 thoughts in ONE DAY! Guess what? I bet you’ll grapple to recall 100 of the thoughts you had yesterday, LOL!

What does this tell you? YOU DO NOT KNOW MOST OF YOUR THOUGHTS. #Simple

Now this sounds scary because, if your thoughts determine your outcomes, then you’d better start monitoring them.

So how do you monitor 60,000 thoughts? This must be a FULL TIME job in FUTILITY! 

Well, let me help you. God has given us a mechanism for feedback; letting us know where our THOUGHTS have been so we can then make adjustments where necessary.

They are your EMOTIONS! They tell you where your THOUGHTS have been on a SUBJECT. All emotions are either NEGATIVE (e.g fear, pain, panic) or POSITIVE (e.g love, joy, peace). 

So when a SUBJECT or even a person’s NAME is mentioned, what EMOTIONS show up? If it is a NEGATIVE one, then that tells you where majority (your unconscious) thoughts have been. Small wonder you’ve been getting NEGATIVE outcomes. 

Start receiving FEEDBACK from your EMOTIONS, make the ADJUSTMENTS where necessary and watch your RESULTS CHANGE.


The Life Coach                                                                                                                                     Bankole Williams                            

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