Hold up! Hold up! That title must be wrong! How can a fish drown and a bird be jet lagged? You are welcome to my
country – NIGERIA!

So I have often heard (possibly said) nice cliches like ” FISHES DON’T DROWN…” . That’s obtainable in an ideal environment till you bring the fishes to our Nigerian waterways.

The point here is, fishes may not die from swimming but they die from swimming in water that’s the wrong temperature! The fishes that survive are the most ADAPTIVE FISHES

Can I be real for a minute! The Business environment in Nigeria is hostile and tough, some of us have just chosen to be Tougher! It works in America, its probably harder here.

For it to work here, you must ADAPT; be willing to ADJUST your product to suit the Nigerian MARKET TEMPERATURE( gavel on wood please..)

A good example in music:

I have a good voice – #DrowningFish
The market likes a good sing-along(hook) and a good beat – Adaptive Fish


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an advocate of GOING with the TIDE but I advocate CHANGING with the TIMES

Its almost the end of the year, its time to assess. What is the Nigerian Market BUYING? What have you been SELLING? Is there a mismatch? It is time to ADAPT and make ADJUSTMENTS otherwise you’ll be a #DrowningFish.

The Life Coach                                                                                                                                     Bankole Williams                            


  1. Great write up Bankole. In this clime, it seems wiser to sell what the Nigerian market demand.
    I believe there is also a place for what we term “technology push” where marketers attempt to push their products at consumers as opposed to marketers only producing what consumers want. A lot of products we buy today came out of a push. i.e the touch screen technology which has now become a consumer demand.

    I believe that product innovations can also lead to the creation of new industries.

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