“And God BLESSED them and said, “Be FRUITFUL, MULTIPLY, REPLENISH the earth, SUBDUE it and have DOMINION”

So let’s break this down using the analogy of a WRITER. This should be FUN:

1) BLESSED them: So God gives the talent of writing(SEED), but it is the writers responsibility to get a product(FRUIT)

2) BE FRUITFUL: Here raw talent aint good enough, you’ve gotta convert the God-given talent to FRUIT(Product). So a FRUIT is a SEED that’s now APPEALING & EDIBLE(Recall Eve was tempted by the LOOK of the FRUIT #Selah) , BIGGER & BETTER.

Hence a Fruitful writer is one with a PRODUCT(book) that 1ST of all has a Catchy/ Irresistible name and cover design. One that’s rich in content and useful in meeting a common need/desire or solving a peculiar problem.

3) MULTIPLY: He Makes several copies of his book

4) REPLENISH: He fills the EARTH (not Lagos) with several copies of his books. He makes it available in Kaduna, Owerri, Akure, England, America and on the INTERNET.

5) SUB-DUE: Made up of two words SUB and DUE. Your product should be so VISIBLE,USEFUL& INDISPENSABLE that people become SUBject to it and pay you DUES. E.g we are SUBject to microsoft and pay DUES to Bill Gates. God doesn’t mind you charging a FEE doing that which you can do for FREE –> Prov 11:26

HAVE DOMINION: After you’ve gone through step 1 to 5, Dominion is certain! You become a #KingInYourDomain

Case Closed! #Gbam *hits hammer on wood*

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