I am Angry

Like did you just read the text above? 190times?? Imagine if the Nigerian economy improved by just 19 times.

In 2013, I went on the desert safari with my friends @iamsteveharris and @iamiheanyi . Each of us paid the equivalent of about 50dollars and there were 6 of us in my SUV.

The tour company presently has about 100cars that run twice a day. So thats 5 x 6 x 100 x 2 = $60,000. Let’s assume they run 20 days in a month. 60,000 × 20 = $1.2million!!! From driving wrecklessly in sand?

I asked the driver how long he’d been driving and he said for 15years. These guys have built an industry out of what others have become familiar with!

The problem is never the lack of money but the lack of insight; to see the ABUNDANCE in what you have become overly FAMILIAR with.

The problem is the erroneous EVALUATION of what lies in your hands. Could it be that the SOLUTION to your PROBLEM has always been there yet you defined it as PROBLEM. Same way a desert could have been synonymous with DROUGHT and not DOLLARS. .

Stop praying for money, afterall alot of those prayers have not been answered have they? Start praying for INSIGHT. Maybe God had ALREADY answered the prayer but you lacked INSIGHT to truly SEE.

May God give us EYES that not only LOOK but SEE. Can I get an amen sumburthy?😁

NB : Please let is use sense to vote leaders that have insight to produce a New Nigeria.