How Not To Miss Your Target

God does not ONLY listen & respond to what you PRAY, he also listens & responds to what you SAY. Some people preoccupy themselves with unconscious careless ‘idle talk’ which sabotage their blessings. They AIM with their prayers and SHIFT the target with their words. You can’t ask God for a blessing and then speak […]

Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 2)

A couple of weeks back I met a charismatic black American CEO. This guy’s finesse & sense of style was 10 over 10. He looked like he walked out of a GQ magazine. Carlos was the kinda guy every guy wanted to be like. I still recall the day I met him, as he talked […]

Uncovered – Why The Poor Remain Poor (Part 1)

So I downloaded a new app which for some weird reason rearranged the icons on my screen. This morning, whilst searching for my ‘Notes’ app, I struggled to find it. For a minute, my MUSCLE memory was rendered redundant and I had to use my BRAIN again. Smh I eventually found it and started taking […]

How I Got A Power Bike

This BICYCLE POWER(ed) by my feet (sue me 😑) is a road BIKE made for easy acceleration on smooth roads. Interestingly, because of my interest in cycling, I have been seeing cyclists everywhere – on magazines, on TV and on the road. Last Sunday, there was unusual traffic on the Lekki-Epe expressway & as I […]

Excerpt from Cupcakes for Your Soul

Day 29 – Snickerdoodle #HardKnocks 1) What PRICE-TAG can we place on any HUMAN? 2) No amount of material possession can PURCHASE a SOUL- what does it PROFIT you to GAIN the WORLD yet LOSE a SOUL? 3) IDLENESS never REVEALS the TRUE WORTH of a RESOURCE (natural or human), however DEPLOYMENT does! 4) David’s […]


  I have seen many people toss away brilliant ideas and relegate creativity to the background all because of a refusal. Guys, we live in a tough world –  a world that called Oprah UNFIT FOR TV. A world that FIRED Steve Jobs from the Company he started. A world that called Albert Einstein a DULLARD. […]


So there’s this popular myth “Cut your coat according to your size”. In fact some people even go as far as “Cutting their sizes according to their coats”, lol.This ‘principle’ suggests that you should reduce the size of your dream to the size of your pocket. Holdup…Can I ask a silly question? Is it possible […]


So I just watched the video of Beyonce’s Performance at the United Nations World Humanitarian Day and I was so stirred up that I had to type this message immediately. It’s a track on her album titled “I was here”. The title ‘I was Here’ initially reminded me of the ‘good old’ days in secondary […]

A yielded life- The deepest walk of faith

It’s not just a life of obedience,its a life of submission My mission- “to be the subject of HIS mission” It’s not just when His will becomes my command, its when his silence becomes mine ‘I ONLY do that which I see the father do’ and if He does nothing I follow suit It’s not […]

Effortless Ease- The life of the lilies

Effortless ease it’s the life of the lilies The life of the sparrow, hummingbirds and swallows Where a seed is sown yet great trees are grown It’s the life of a crop; it evolves yet we’re uninvolved If He indeed cares for them, how much more for men The mother and a sucking child, it’s […]